I was introduced to Ulices and Hot Springs Pools thru my realtor. Home has a complex (my opinion) pool with 5 Motors- Water features and Swim Jets and Roof Solar and Gas Heat. System controlled with Pentair wall module. To say it was a challenging system to understand was understatement. Ulices (owner of Hot Spring Pools) took his time and patiently reviewed system and explanation of operation in polite, patient and very knowledgeable manner.

Knowledge of Pentair systems extensive. I had filed a home warranty claim on an error that the main pump- Pentair Intelliflow Variable Speed Pump with built in keypad and digital display. Ulices shared his thoughts but i thought using home warranty might be best route in mitigating expenses. Sadly the Home Warranty dispatched another company and their service was considerable less than par. That particular rep was rude and funny as it was- didn't know much about Pentair. Ulices happened to be there on his routine maintenance- and ended up sharing his expertise and knowledge and teaching the dispatched warranty rep. Sadly it didn't play out well and was basically a waste of my time, patience, and money with home warranty company (not to be named). Anyways...

Ulices recommended going with the PentAir ScreenLogic and Remote System Controller which hooks up locally to my wi-fi. With his recommendation and help programming and setting it up- i can easily remote into my system and check temperatures, turn on Solar /Gas heat ahead of time and even turn on features for visiting friends while i am still at work- ALL from my Phone & Easily. Ulices patiently took the time to explain features and operations of App.

His monthly rates are very competitive but it's his attention to detail - and product knowledge in addition to quick response time to text, calls, questions, and concerns as well as being so polite and considerate - Earn him a 5 Star Rating from this very satisfied client.

Thank you Ulices and Hot Springs Pools.

Rick Michaels

I emailed five different pool service stores (each time leaving my telephone number and obviously my email address) I requested for someone to come out to my house and let me know what Jacuzzi parts needed to be fixed or replaced. Unfortunately, not one person called or email me. However, I had the good fortune of meeting Ulises while he was driving by my neighborhood. I asked him if he had time to look at my Jacuzzi and Ulises said, "Yes."

The day I met Ulises was on Wednesday October 13, 2021 by Saturday October 16 he and his father had my Jacuzzi up and running. Thank you, Ulises, you and your father are fast, efficient and extremely professional.

Bertha Camarena

As a first time pool owner, I am greatly satisfied with the services provided by Hot Spring Pools.
I interviewed several companies and Hot Spring Pools caught my attention instantly. Ulises was very professional, he gave us printed brochures and information and a detailed digital quote.
Ulises is honest and takes his time to explain how everything works and what is needed.
He is reliable and keeps my pool un outstanding condition.
I am very pleased with his services. I highly recommend Hot Spring Pools.

Lissette Blanchet

Before finding Hot Springs Pool we had very questionable pool service for five years that never did more than skim the top and would always say everything was fine. Our previous pool service nearly ruined our entire service. Thankfully we found Hot Springs Pool where Ulices De La Torre really lived up to his motto, "You Do the Swimming, We Do the Rest." Our filters were dirty and clogged, the antenna was broken, our pumps were struggling to work, and for being a salt pool there was no salt actually being put through our systems. Hot Springs Pool was quick to fix all of this and now our pool is finally clean and useable. The kids swim almost every day, would highlight recommend Hot Springs Pool.

Donald Romain

Ulices has been working for us for over a year and I can definitely say he really takes care of not only our pool but our needs. Very responsible, respectful and attentive to dogs and gates. Thank you!

JaNeT VasQuez

They are consistent on the day and time of arrival. Responsive to issues, yesterday my spa wouldn't heat, he was here today (Saturday) with the part and fixed it in no time. They make preventative recommendations, but leave it to you to decide whether to do it or not.

Erik Daley

The equipment and install are top notch. We have the Cadillac system and we're happy with Ulices and his work. His water testing is the best.

Shawn Volland

Ulices and team are responsible, reliable, knowledgeable and thorough. We really appreciate how much pride they take in getting the job done right. Thank you Hot Springs!

Michael Bulloch

Very professional service. Always does a good job and is on time. No complaints from me, Ulices is always so helpful and actually cares about his job.

Natalie Luciani

Very professional Excellent guidance and pool knowledge.They are certified, and do amazing work.

Dulce K Barrera